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Michael’s Glove

This story is told in the Christian Science Monitor by John Kehe.

Kehe was then the resident head at a Hollywood Film Production company and was asked to develop a music video for Michael’s ‘Off The Wall’ single in 1980. It was already a massive hit for Michael and was riding high in the charts.

Michael had left an acappella version of the song on John Kehe’s telephone and had come to the initial meeting to develop the ideas to be used. At the end of the meeting John was asked to take Michael around the production facilities of the company, Robert Abel & Associates. Whilst on the tour they came across the chief film editor, Rick Ross, who was cutting and splicing a television commercial. On his left hand he was wearing a short white glove as he ran the film through his fingers. Film editors always had a box of these disposable gloves available in those days.

Michael had not shown any particular interest in the tour until that moment, when his eyes suddenly lit up. He politely asked questions about it, and asked “Can you spare me one?”

The rest is History!

The first time the glove, now decorated with silver sequins, debuted was at the Motown 25 Celebration in 1983 when Michael performed the iconic ‘Billie Jean’ wearing a single white glove on his left hand.

John Kehe knows that there are many mysteries surrounding Michael, and he is pleased to be able to shed light on just one of them.

Source: CSM & MJWN

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