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Michael’s Music Breaking New Records

Reports are coming in from many countries that Michael’s music is selling out in all record stores, both on CD and DVD. The day following Michael’s passing, music stores could not stock their shelves fast enough to please the throngs of people wanting to buy the music and DVD’s of his short films.

iTunes also reports that there are seven of his albums on their Top Ten albums Chart: ‘Thriller 25’, the 2008 hits package ‘Number Ones’, his 1979 solo breakthrough ‘Off the Wall’, 2004 boxed set ‘Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection’, 1987’s ‘Bad’ and 1991’s ‘Dangerous’.

On iTunes singles chart, Michael’s singles ‘Man in the Mirror’, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ are scattered throughout the Top 10.

On Amazon, he’s even more dominant: The Top 10 best-selling albums are currently all Michael.

In the USA reports are stating that music stores were selling out their stock to weeping customers within minutes of opening the doors in the morning following Michael’s passing. Memorabilia is also selling faster than the shelves can be stocked.

People are also calling stores in different states to buy anything they can get hold of relation to Michael, his music, films, posters, books.

Source: Associated Press & MJWN

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