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Update On Bain Case

Following on from our report about Raymone Bain’s $44 million lawsuit against Michael, it has transpired that on June 18th Michael’s legal team reported to Judge James Robertson at the US District Court for the District of Columbia, that Michael was not served with the suit, and he therefore had no knowledge of the proceedings begun against him. They also explained that Michael had no reason to expect such a suit to be filed, as he and Ms.Bain had signed a valid and binding payment and release agreement between them on December 27th, 2007, so this action came as a complete surprise to him. It seems, he was told of the action by friends who had seen it reported on television. Michael had paid Ms. Bain $488,820.05 to cover any monies due to her under ANY past agreements.

Michael’s lawyers have applied to the judge to dismiss the default entry and also to dismiss Ms. Bain’s suit.

Source: Legaltimes, TSCM & MJWN

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