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Jarvis Cocker Regrets

In 1996 Jarvis Cocker, once the lead singer with Pulp, invaded the stage as Michael performed at the Brits and was removed from the stage by security. He instantly became the target of the British tabloid press.

He has now, after thirteen years, admitted that he was wrong to behave in this manner, but not for the reasons that you would expect, disrespect for an artist, but because his career suffered because of the tabloids’ reactions. Cocker was quoted as saying;

“That one action transported me to a kind of tabloid fame, which I

couldn’t have imagined. My whole set of values had nothing to do with that kind of tabloidy thing. It took me a long time to work through.” He later added; “I just pushed it too far with that thing, because it wasn’t, ‘Jarvis Cocker played an amazing song at the Brit Awards last night’. It was, ‘Jarvis Cocker titted about at the Brit Awards last night’. I had been in a band fifteen years, and in fifteen seconds, I became more well known. All that bl—- work! Thrown away!”

Source: Digitalspy & MJWN

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