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Michael’s Glove Sells For $99,000

whatsellsbest.com has reported the sale of one of Michael’s gloves on eBay for $99,000.

The seller claimed that he wore in on the 1984/5 Victory tour and when he collected his eight Grammys at their award ceremony.

Five thousand would-be purchasers checked out the item and on April 19th the bidding opened at $1,500. Several days later the glove had received two hundred and ninety-five bids collectively from seven bidders. The final bid was $99,000.

According to James Massey, publisher of WhatSellsBest.com; “It appears he still has a large fan base. I’ve noticed tickets for his London show have been collecting as much as $2,450.” (This is the final eBay selling price/per ticket).

Source: whatsellsbest.com & MJWN

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