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Michael Exhibit At Grammy Museum

We reported on February 11th, 2009 that the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles features a Michael History Exhibit. LA.com has reported in detail on the exhibit, describing some of the items related to Michael’s career.

Focusing on the flashy fashions that have practically defined Michael throughout his long career, the exhibit features an array of his clothing, including eight of his jackets. There’s the Bill Whitten ten-pound red and gold military-inspired creation he wore at the American Music Awards in 1984 and the black and gold version he wore that same year when receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As you stroll from the first to the last jacket, it is very clear that his extravagant taste increased throughout his career. By the time you reach the end, the jackets include red arm bands, badges, emblems, pins, gold ropes and even a multi-coloured beaded Bald Eagle with an “In God We Trust” banner which he wore to the 2001 ‘United We Stand: What More Can I Give’ concert to benefit 9-11 victims. There’s also one black, silk button down shirt with a white arm band and a pair of gold greaves (gold plates held together with black straps that extend from knee to ankle) which Michael wore in concert on his nimble legs.

The museum also includes items from all genres of music, from Amy Winehouse to Louis Armstrong, so there is something there for every musical taste to see and enjoy. There is also a vast array of Grammy souvenirs.

Source: la.com & MJWN

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