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Michael Is Recession-Proof

Media around the world are not calling Michael the erstwhile king of pop, or the former king of pop, or the self proclaimed king of pop any more. Now he is the UNDISPUTED King of Pop. The reason for this is the fact that his fifty 02 Arena concerts sold out in a matter of hours. Seldom has demand outstripped supply to such an extent. In fact, the demand for the re-sale of the tickets is also breaking records. Here is what the media is saying:

“The economic downturn may be deepening, but that is not the case for the entertainment industry, if the entertainer in question is Michael Jackson. Recession or not, it seems that his popularity is not subjected to diminishing returns.

The very fact that more than 750,000 tickets were sold out in four hours testifies the man’s greatness as the most influential musical icon in the entire history of the pop.

Michael’s sold out fifty planned concerts at London’s 02 Arena for his historic comeback concerts in July and next January.

“People all over the world are very sceptical about spending and the consumer demand has deteriorated a lot, but it seems that recession is not having any effect on Michael Jackson’s fans. Michael Jackson is recession-proof.

Nobody and not even Michael Jackson, who has sold more than 750 million records and won 13 Grammy Awards, would have thought that his 750,000 tickets would be sold out in four hours. But it did and the king of pop whose last series of concerts was the History Tour way back in 1996-1997 is all set to take the musical world by storm.

People are spending so much to see Michael Jackson, why aren’t they spending a little more to boost consumer demand and revive their economy.

Perhaps, they believe more in Jackson and in his entertaining power than their belief in their economy and its stability.

Maybe the Michael Jackson concert will have a spillover effect and at least give some boost to the faltering British economy.”

Source: ohmynews.com & MJWN

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