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Michael Tops Triple Re-Sale Charts

Michael’s last-ever London concerts sold out in record time but a little known organisation,Tixdaq, researches and produces information on the re-sale of tickets, and generates charts showing how well the all major concerts sell.

The Tixdaq research shows that for the first time, a single artist has topped all three of the weekly ticket re-sale charts.

The charts, published in Music Week, indicate how popular tickets are for a specific artist. In the past week, Michael’s saw the most tickets resold, achieved the highest average price and generated the highest re-sale grosses.

Steve Machin, the Executive Vice President of Tixdaq commented; “What we found to be most surprising was just how strong the Michael Jackson sales have been. The volume of Michael Jackson tickets and the resale grosses for the residency far outstripped the competition last week.”

Source: Responsesource & MJWN

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