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Randy Phillips Speaks To Sky News

Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG was interviewed by Sky News in his hotel suite. During the interview he said that when he saw and heard the response to the announcement of ten concerts, and saw the scramble to snap up the tickets, he rang Michael to tell him that they would have to increase the number of concerts to satisfy the demand. Very quickly the number increased to thirty and when a further twenty were added he again called Michael, who was “blown away”, and cried with emotion at the news of the complete sell out of the tickets.

Mr. Phillips explained that he could spend two years in the U.K. and still not satisfy all the demand. He also promised that Michael would be made extremely comfortable during his stay in England, and his life would be as normal as possible.

He said that he was stunned by the reaction of the fans, which was beyond any of his expectations and that 93% of the ticket buyers live in the UK.

Along with the concerts, he added that Michael is also interested in making a 3D version of ‘Thriller’, which could be shown at Halloween, but could also take up to three years to make.

Source: Sky News & MJWN

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