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Report From O2 Press Conference

Around 5.25p.m. a montage of Michael’s videos was shown to the crowd and Michael was introduced.

A camera then showed Michael leaving a tour bus and walking into the arena to the cheering fans. Michael took the podium and after smiling and acknowledging the fans he said;

“I love you so much. Thank you all. (Fans begin chanting ‘This Is It’ and Michael responds to this by chanting along with them) This is it. I just want to say these, these will be my final show performances in London. This is it, this is it and when I say “this is it” it really means this is it because erm…I’ll be, I’ll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. This is it, I mean, this is, this is the final curtain call okay? And, erm…I’ll see you in July and (Fans chat “We love you Michael!”) I love you. I really do. You have to know that, I love you so much, really, from the bottom of my heart.

This is it and see you in July!”

Source: MJWN

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