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Update On Landis Case

John Landis was originally suing Michael over the projected use of the ‘Thriller’ video in a new musical on Broadway, but now he has taken further legal action against the Nederlander Organization.

Landis, who was the director of the ‘Thriller’ video and had major input into the ‘Making Of Thriller’, owned part of the rights to both and claims that he was not consulted when it was agreed that the Nederlander Organization would produce a new Broadway Musical based on the groundbreaking videos which earned millions of dollars.

Michael’s official spokesperson, Tohme R. Tohme and his new business partner, James L. Nederlander have been deposed in the case already.

The next hearings in the case will take place on:

02/03/2009 – Non-Appearance (Case Review)

18/05/2009 – Initial Status Conference

11/05/2009 – Initial Status Conference.

Court documents for the second case can be found by clicking here.

Source: Reporterblogs & MJWN

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