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Thriller Live Auditions Begin

Thriller Live opens at the Lyric Theatre, London, in January, and open auditions are being held to fill the part of the young Michael Jackson.

It was snowing in London, but the young men aged between eleven and fifteen, queued for hours, then practised their performances and danced and sang for the director, producers and the musical supervisor.

Nerves overcame some of them as they sang either ‘Ben’, ‘I’ll Be There’ or ‘I Want You Back’. The number was then whittled down to twenty-two hopefuls.

The second stage of the audition was to dance the steps of “I Want You Back’, and the number was then reduced to twelve. Later, they had to learn another Michael song to sing before the decision was made.

Tony Rex, the show’s manager, told them that the decision was difficult because the standard was so high, and they needed more time to make up their minds.

Good luck to all the boys!

Source: BBC NewsBeat & MJWN

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