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‘Hold My Hand’ Latest

Michael’s collaboration with Akon entitled ‘Hold My Hand’ was leaked onto the internet recently and was heard and enjoyed by many of Michael’s fans. Akon has previously announced that it would be included on his new album ‘Freedom’, and also on Michael’s eagerly awaited new album. Now however, ‘Freedom’ has been released, and ‘Hold my Hand’ is nowhere to be seen!

“The track ‘Hold My Hand’ was leaked on the internet and it spoiled a lot of things we had planned for the record,” Akon said. “Collectively we felt that, with a collaboration like that, and his (Michael’s) first time coming back after a long time, it needed to be done properly. We decided we need to invest in the future and figure out another way to come, even if we have to come with a new record.”

Source: AP & MJWN

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