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Who’s Bad Tribute Band

Who’s Bad, a Michael Jackson tribute band have been working together in North Carolina, USA, for four years. They began to work together at the University of North Carolina and gradually increased their repertoire of Michael music until they decided to become a tribute band.

In a recent article by dukechronicle.com Jordan Axt says; “Four years (and five singers) later Who’s Bad has perfected its act into a high-energy, non-stop celebration of pop music’s most productive and enigmatic figure. In a performance that lasted more than two hours this weekend, the band impressed audience members with their mastery of Jackson’s music and elaborate choreographed dance sessions.

Of course, the star of the show was undoubtedly vocalist Joseph Bell, a compelling performer and impeccable Jackson impersonator. Showing meticulous attention to detail, Bell replicated Jackson’s dance moves and style, complete with the iconic white glove and red leather jacket. In a surprise and as the highlight of the performance, Bell disappeared for a few minutes only to return dressed in an Afro and bellbottoms, ready to cover Michael’s work with the Jackson Five.

Ending on a high note, Who’s Bad concluded their set with an exhausting ‘Billie Jean/Beat It/Thriller’ medley that left concertgoers pleading for at least one more song.

With such a crowd-pleasing performance, it would be easy for Who’s Bad to simply settle on their current play-list. But the saxophonist promised the band would continue to explore all of Jackson’s music.

“There’s a certain level of sophistication in Michael’s music that’s not in a lot of other pop musician’s work,” Tadepalli said. “We’ve just barely touched his repertoire.”

Source: dukechronicle.com & MJWN

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