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MJ Thriller Bear To Be Released

Peter Underhill, a graphic designer from Coventry, England, grew tired of producing designs of cute teddy bears, and drew some bears in what he thought were “interesting situations”. His first was the “Chainsaw Bear”, and he liked it so much he drew many other similar bears, which became very popular. The range came to the attention of the Bad Taste Bear Company, who turned them into collectibles. From a starting point of just a few bears, they made so many that they launched a collectors club as a point of contact for their many fans.

On Saturday 1st November, at Goodricke College Galleria York Conference Centre, University of York, Heslington, York, this year’s BTB Event will take place, and have produced the following offer:-Event Bear – “Shamone Motha F! Heee hee” He’s the baddest BTB Zombie of them all and he is exclusive to attendees of this years BTB Autumn event. Jackson is limited to just four hundred pieces worldwide. On ordering your ticket you will have the option of purchasing this figurine – the bear is limited to one per person, can only be obtained by pre-ordering with your ticket and then by attending the event.

Event Gift – On entrance to the event you will be given a goody bag, including an exclusive Lucifer enamel badge in a flocked black presentation box and event certificate.

Source: badtastebears.com & MJWN with special thanks to Paul Colebrook

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