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Rare CD For Auction

An executive from Sony BMG record company was given a promo CD which was meant as a teaser for the ‘Dangerous’ album. It contained an early demo of ‘Men In Black’, an alternative version of ‘Black Or White’ and ‘Too Much Monkey Business’. He has decided that this is the time to put it up for auction.

The anonymous seller, who is based in Britain, says of the record; “This promo CD is one of the rarest Michael Jackson items in existence, only 10 are said to exist and this is the first time one has been on eBay.

“The most interesting track on the CD is ‘Men In Black’ (not related to the films staring Will Smith), as it was intended to be a single release from ‘Dangerous’, but ‘Men In Black’ was shelved and since has not been released or leaked.”

It is expected to reach $10,000 or £4.500 pounds sterling.

Source: Ebay.com & MJWN

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