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Akon Speaks About Michael

Akon told MTV News that he had a list of accomplishments that he wanted to achieve before he could retire. Included in this list, was working with Michael. Therefore, after having achieved that ten years earlier than anticipated, he said he can no longer think of retirement. “I didn’t realise I was working so hard to actually capture his attention,” he said. “That really showed me. That’s the day I realised I made it.”

Michael has been the collaborator on Akon’s lead song on his new album with, ‘Hold My Hand’. The song was leaked onto the internet, but was soon removed a short time later.

Akon also said Michael would be appearing in the video for ‘Hold My Hand’. “He’s fully committed. We’re gonna set up a whole tour around it. It’s a big play,” he added.

Akon also hinted to ‘MTV’ that Michael will sign to his ‘Konvict’ record label, saying “When the record (Michael’s new album) comes out, read the label.”

Source: MTV News & MJWN

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