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Ne-Yo’s Contribution To New Album

Ne-Yo thought he was being fooled when Michael called him to write songs for his new album, and put the phone down on him. He was later called back by Peter Lopez, Michael’s representative, and spoke to Michael, who said that he like his melodic music and asked for songs high on melody.

‘Just make sure the song is as melodic as possible. I want to get back to that.'”

Michael apparently also gave some instructions on subject matter for lyrics but Ne-Yo said, “It was very much keep it to yourself,” at this point.

Ne-Yo has written a number of tracks, which he has submitted to Michael as MP3s via email. On this Ne-Yo said; “He’ll call me back and say, “I really like song number three, song number four the hook could be stronger. Song number one, change the first verse…Okay, bye.” Click. And then I redo them and he’s like, “Okay, they’re perfect. Send me more.” So I don’t know what he’s keeping, what he’s getting rid of, what he’s recording.”

Source: nymag.com & MJWN

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