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Mark Lester Speaks Of Michael

Mark Lester has been Michael’s friend for many years and they are godfathers to each other’s children. Always supportive of Michael, Mark has spoken today in the Sunday Mirror (UK) newspaper, of their meeting and long friendship.

Today, the only reminder of Mark’s former life is his enduring friendship with singer Michael Jackson.

“Michael is one of my best friends. I talked to him just a couple of days ago. I’ve stayed at Neverland countless times. We met more than thirty years ago when he was on tour here with the Jackson Five. His agent rang me up and said; “Michael’s favourite film is Oliver! He’d love to meet you”. We went for a coffee and we’ve been pals ever since. I’m just so proud of him. He’s managed to turn his life around after all the claims and he’s just trying to get by.

We have so much in common. We were both thrust into the spotlight at a very early age. If you haven’t experienced that, it’s impossible to fully understand.”

Source: Sunday Mirror & MJWN

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