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Thriller Phenomenon

With the 25th Anniversary album of ‘Thriller’ just around the corner, renowned Michael Jackson author Chris Cadman, has released a new website dedicated to ‘Thriller’, which is probably the only site on the internet you’ll find with so much research and archives from that era under one roof!

You can find exclusive archives displaying all the news, reviews, advertisements and stories from 1982-1984 and spin offs Michael was involved with from 1982-1985. The information also includes sleeves from around the world, worldwide book releases and front covers of magazines that included Michael. Chris also has all the pictures too!

If your background knowledge of the ‘Thriller’ era isn’t up to scratch, learn more with the complete discography from the UK and USA, ‘Thrillers’ worldwide chart performance, merchandise available from the time and you can even read articles from 1982-1985, each scanned and in text form.

For more details and even more information please click here

Source: Thriller Phenomenon & MJWN

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