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MJ Mixtape By Rhymefest

Chicago based rapper Rhymefest and colleague DJ Mark Ronson, have mixed a tape dedicated to and honouring Michael, taking samples from his music. Some of these samples have never been heard before and they have used them to support their raps. Several other artists who wanted to be involved in this project include Mary J.Blige, Talib Kweli and Ghostface Killa.

Rhymefest is proud of this work and when asked “why Michael?” he replies; “This was very important to me, seeing as how Michael Jackson is responsible for a revolution in music.”

The full track-listing is as follows:

  1. The Cipher – Rhymefest & Michael
  2. Can’t Make It – Rhymefest
  3. Thriller Skit
  4. Get Up – Rhymefest ft. Wale
  5. Dancin’ Machine – Jackson 5 ft. Rhymefest
  6. Flip It Skit
  7. Never Can Say Goodbye – Rhymefest ft. Talib Kweli
  8. Mike The Mentor – Rhymefest ft. Michael
  9. No Sunshine – Rhymefest
  10. Caught Up Skit
  11. Foolin’ Around – Rhymefest ft. Dres
  12. Set The Mood
  13. Breakadawn – Rhymefest ft. Daniel Merriweather & Alpha
  14. Windbreaker Skit
  15. Higher Intro
  16. Higher – Rhymefest
  17. Mark vs. Mike
  18. All That I’ve Got – Rhymefest ft. Ghostface Killah & Mary J. Blige
  19. Maybe Tomorrow – Michael
  20. Sunshine Skit
  21. Coolie High – Camp Lo ft. Rhymefest
  22. Family Reunion – ft. Tito, Randy, Michael & Rhymefest
  23. Much Love Skit
  24. Man In The Mirror – Rhymefest ft. Michael

Source: Daily Hip-Hop News & MJWN

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