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Washington Post’s Praise For Michael

The Washington Post, which is one of America’s most prestigious newspapers, has printed an article covering Michael’s Ebony photo shoot and interview. Robin Givhan, a staff writer for the Post compares the transformation in Michael’s appearance during the trial to the graceful and dynamic photographs in December’s issue of Ebony magazine. Givhan says; “But what is most fascinating is that Jackson looks like himself, that hair, that face, that dancer’s body, that flamboyant style, but he also looks like a grown-up. ”

Givhan also discusses the magazine’s omission of any mention of the negativity which always surrounds Michael in the press, but focuses on the performer, and the fact that his ‘Thriller’ album has achieved such enormous sales and is still relevant today.

He also adds to his piece the planning of the photo-shoot, input from Michael, and he goes on to discuss the changes made in the last few years to the magazine itself saying; “In keeping with the magazine’s tradition, the editors wrap Jackson and the ‘Thriller’ legacy in a warm embrace and they make a persuasive argument that the pop star and the magazine can both continue to be relevant.”

To read the entire article go to the Washington Post’s website.

Source: Washington Post & MJWN

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