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Allan Moyle Speaks About Michael

In an interview with Fortean Times, a magazine dedicated to those interested in the paranormal, film director Allan Moyle, who is noted for his views on the stranger things in life, speaks of Michael’s life and his reluctance to conform.During the interview Moyle spoke of his work with VH1 on a film about Michael saying; “But occasionally I get to do a movie like the VH1 movie about Michael Jackson, because I’m very, very, very pro-Michael Jackson. I think he’s extremely unusual, very positive.”

When asked if he felt Michael was from another planet Moyle answered; “Well, I don’t know if it’s his DNA, you know? We all have Atlantean DNA, and we all have some DNA from when Mars broke up. This is stuff I believe, and I hope I can talk to you about it. And I think that Michael, whether he knows it or not, ’cause he may go “Ooh, creepy”, because who knows what he really thinks? He may not want to define himself this way.”

Like we said above “noted for his views on the stranger things in life…”

Source: Fortean Times & MJWN

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