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Michael Shops On Melrose Drive

Michael went shopping today on Melrose Drive in Los Angeles with just one lady for company. Wearing a baseball cap he asked the owner of ‘Moist Wear’ to close the shop for him and begged one fan not to tell anyone he was there, explaining that he was “trying to be just like you”, meaning of course that he wanted to do a little private shopping without a fuss. The fan then added that Michael appeared to be very nervous, but very graciously signed an autograph for him.

“I had an inkling as I walked by him; he was just propped up by a wall outside one of the stores – he just looked like a homeless guy. But then it clicked! Despite his appearance, there’s still something magical about the guy. He was very gracious.”

On leaving ‘Moist Wear’ Michael, with three new shirts, was swarmed by fans that followed him through an alleyway to a getaway car.

Source: World Entertainment News Network & MJWN

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