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Thriller Dancers All Over The World

In 1982 Michael released his fabulous ‘Thriller’ album. It became the most iconic music of an entire generation, and with sales of 104 million copies, (figure supplied by The Guinness Book Of World Records), it will probably never be surpassed in our lifetime.This year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of ‘Thriller’, people from all over the world are gathering together in large groups, small groups, one and twos, in an attempt to break the record for simultaneously dancing to song. They are dancing in halls, driveways, schools, colleges and pubs wearing zombie and ghoul make-up and everyone concerned are enthusiastic about joining in the fun.

Collections will also be taken up at some events to help the people of California affected by the wildfires there earlier this month, the Red Cross and the Sick Kids Foundation.

Ines Markeljevic is organising this current attempt on the record and has spread the word via her web site, MySpace and YouTube. Last year she earned the Guinness World Record title for ‘Largest Thriller Dance’ with sixty-two people taking part.

Unfortunately, Guinness does not include a category for a specific simultaneous dance conducted in multiple locations but Markeljevic has received approval of this current attempt from the Record Holders Republic Registry of Official World Records. The group is not affiliated with the Guinness organisation.

Source: Associated Press, The Toronto Sun & MJWN

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