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What Really Happened

British television station Channel 4’s broadcast of ‘Michael Jackson – What Really Happened’ was a scurrilous attempt to revile Michael’s character last Wednesday night.

Following the broadcast, the British newspaper The Telegraph, in its own inimitably twisted fashion doubted the reliability of the interviewees.

It contained interviews and statements from Bob Jones, Diane Diamond and Victor Gutierrez. (If you remember, Gutierrez previously was proved to tell untruths about Michael in court and was ordered to pay Michael millions of dollars in compensation, however, he declared himself bankrupt and to our knowledge Michael hasn’t received a penny!)

The programme was compiled and produced by Jacques Peretti, who claimed to be a life-long Michael fan – We find it a little bit odd then that he couldn’t even get simple dates and events in the correct order, let alone the facts right!

Source: The Telegraph & MJWN

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