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‘Thriller’ Is The Ultimate Entertainment

In the Arts and Entertainment section of a California Media magazine website, Nicole L. Browner praises the whole concept of Michael’s groundbreaking and best known song and video, ‘Thriller’.

Browner says that Halloween is the best time of the year to honour the best music video of all time and adds; “The fourteen minute video directed by John Landis in 1983 reflects flawless choreography, costumes, staging and overall theatrical performance. It redefined what a music video could be – a short film with a story, worthy of both listening and paying attention to.” She also admitted to still being scared by the line; “Something evil’s lurking in the dark”.

The fact that so many people in the world, from prisoners in the Phillippines to various dance troupes and even wedding parties, find the video so much fun to re-enact, prove the worldwide appeal of Michael’s masterpiece.

The ‘Thriller’ album, according to sales reports, is still selling upwards of 60,000 copies every year!

Source: www.californiaaggie.com & MJWN

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