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Rolling Stones MJ Special

Rolling Stone Japan is featuring Michael Jackson in the upcoming December Issue by including an extra 44 pages book 100% dedicated to the King of Pop. The extra book cover design is almost finished: it features a drawing. Probably the cover of the Rolling Stone will also feature Michael Jackson! They’re actually still editing it so, at this time,
we’re not authorized in publishing it.

Extra Book Specifications:
Size: 166 x 209 mm, 44 pages, not sold as a separate piece.

Extra Book Contents:
5 interviews that have been previously published by Rolling Stone US
#81 (1971), #389 (1983), #417 (1984), #509 (1987), #621 (1992), a complete gallery of US edition’s covers dedicated to Michael Jackson, discography of Rolling Stone Japan’s (6 albums recommended by Rolling Stone Japan) and the latest news about MJ’s new album.

Release date is November 10th, 2007.

Source: CTE MJ Italian Fanclub

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