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Chris Brown Praises Michael

September’s issue of ‘Giant’ magazine contains an in-depth interview with eighteen year old Chris Brown, who spoke with feeling of his regard for Michael’s work and career.

About to release his second album ‘Exclusive’, Chris “stopped the show” at this weeks MTV Music Awards in Las Vegas, performing a dance to the riff from ‘Billie Jean’.

In an exclusive statement to Access Hollywood Michael was quoted as saying; “Chris is a bright and shining star whom I enjoy watching perform. I am happy to have had a positive influence on him.”

Chris has said he wishes to emulate Michael’s career; “Michael Jackson sold twenty-five million albums, so I wanna get to at least twelve. Michael said to me, “being able to dance and sing; that’s rare. Nobody can do it – only you, me and a couple of others. Keep working and dream big.” Michael Jackson told me to dream big!”

Chris was seen here in Britain at the World Music Awards last year when he performed Michael’s ‘Thriller’.

We wish him luck in his efforts to match Michael’s sales!

Source: Giant Magazine, Access Hollywood & MJWN

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