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Indian Films Need Composers Like Michael

The great Indian director of many famous Bollywood films, A.R. Rahman, was interviewed recently for CNN by Myleene Klass on the subject of the evolution of the music of Indian films.

When asked if he thought that the music was becoming more sophisticated, he spoke of the growing sophistication of the audiences for these films and their need for less clichéd productions. Formerly, the audiences were made up of both urban and rural sections, who liked different interpretations of the films, but now, he says, the line between the two is narrowing and they are realising that the music must enhance the film, not just provide a background.

Rahman added that composers now need to use the music to enhance the quality of the screenplay, and therefore the composers should be world-class and of the same standard as Michael or John Williams to take up the challenge set by Indian films and fulfill the needs of the audiences.

Source: CNN & MJWN

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