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Nona Paris Lola Jackson Fails Again

Nona Jackson, a British born woman living in London, has had her case against Michael heard again in the Los Angeles Superior Court by Judge Robert A Schnider.

She has claimed that she is the birth mother of Michael’s three children and is sexually active with Michael. She also claims that she has written over three thousand songs for Michael.

She asked the Judge to award her joint physical custody of the children, possession of Neverland and another of Michael’s properties, and she wants child support to be determined by Michael.

A further request was also made for the nullification of Michael’s marriages to Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley.

After hearing her evidence by telephone and through loud-speaker Superior Court Judge Robert A. Schnider said; “I feel her evidence fails to establish any genetic relationship between herself and the Jackson-Rowe children.”

Michael previously settled a custody question with Debbie Rowe, although the details were never disclosed, and he has never disclosed the name of Blanket’s mother.

Nona Jackson’s previously attempted to take custody of Michael’s children in court last November, February and May but they were all denied by this Judge.

There is no indication if she could take her case any further at this time.

Source: Associated Press & MJWN

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