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Another Lawsuit Ends

The lawsuit brought by Ayscough & Marar against Michael for non-payment of legal fees due to them for their work for him on various cases, including the 2005 trial and the case brought against him by by Marc Schaffel, was due to begin in Los Angeles today.

Michael’s lawyers however said that he would agree to a judgement against him to pay the law firm $ 216,000, plus interest.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant ruled out several of the defense points his lawyers had hoped to use, because Michael began a deposition to put his evidence to the court on Feb 27th 2006, and was scheduled to complete it on June 12th 2006, but failed to appear. The judge said that he had shown a “willful failure’ to turn over information requested, and had failed to complete his deposition.

Michael McCarthy, for Ayscough and Marar asked for $216,000 for their work, and another $40,000 interest due on that amount. He also asked for another $280,000 for his work on the case.

Judge Chalfant thought that $280,000 was too high, and he would calculate the interest due.

As Michael had countersued the company, alleging, amongst other things, that one of the firm’s attorneys had threatened to release private information about him to the media. Judge Chalfant later dismissed the countersuit.

Source: knbc.com & MJWN

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