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Xtrajet Damages To Mark Geragos

Judge Soussan G. Brugera of Los Angeles Superior Court wants more information on the financial status of Jeffrey Borer, before she rules on Mark Geragos’ claim for damages against him and his company, Xtrajet.

Michael and Mark Geragos hired an Xtrajet plane to take them to Santa Barbara for Michael to submit to Police authorities. Borer and an accomplice fitted video equipment on the plane to secretly record discussions between Michael and Geragos then planned to sell the video to the highest bidder.

The judge has set a June 7th date for hearing of Borer’s financial status to determine the punitive damages against him.

Mr Geragos’ lawyer has asked for $2million in compensatory damages and for $18million in punitive damages.

Source: North County Times & MJWN

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