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Exclusive Interview

Vegaspopular.com has reported that in an exclusive interview with Robin Leach, Michael has revealed some news of his future hopes and dreams, plans and aspirations.

Leach has said that Michael’s future will be master-minded by Simon Fuller, the entertainment mogul responsible for many hit shows, such as American Idol, and for arranging David Beckham’s mind-boggling deal to play football in California. He said Mr. Fuller has held secret meetings with Michael and choreographer Kenny Ortega, talking business and looking at various different possibilities.

Michael was looking well, relaxed and very happy, and his handshake and voice were strong and firm. Michael is said to be looking forward to his trip to Japan in March, and spoke glowingly of Japan and his fans there.

Hopefully there is so much to look forward to.

Source: Vegaspopular.com & MJWN

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