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Saturday, 23rd November 2013

Lady Gaga Preserving MJ’s Tour Wardrobe


Lady Gaga is appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday (Nov. 25), but here are a few sneak peek clips, which the show released early.

She talks about buying Michael Jackson’s tour wardrobe:

“I heard that they were auctioning off his tour clothes and these are my most prized possessions. … The ones that are my favorite are the ones that I wear every night when I’m on stage with the fans and I imagine that he felt the same way … so I really wanted to preserve that for him because it made me feel kind of crazy, the thought of a bunch of rich people each buying one piece. Then they get scattered to the winds and where do his tour clothes go? And I thought if I buy them all I can put them somewhere nice.”

When asked if she would dare wear anything, like the ‘Thriller’ jacket:

“No, I would never do it. There’s a couple pieces that spoke to me that they were OK with it … talking to clothes like ghosts, but none of the pieces that his fans would recognize. I would never wear any of them. There was one sweater, that’s like a letterman sweater that says MJ on it and there is a jacket that says ‘Stop the Filthy Tabloid Press’ on the back …. (maybe this is the one!) ……

…. and I don’t go out in them, but when I’m in the studio or if I’m feeling down I’ll wear them because I think he would have been OK with that. But I don’t know. But I am taking care of his clothes  … and for any Michael Jackson fan that’s watching … it’s very pristine … and it’s perfect.”

Source: Zap2it.com & MJWN

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