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    MJ’s Colorado Recording Retreat Sells For Millions

    A ranch in Denver, Colorado that was used as a recording retreat by music legends like Michael Jackson and Sir Elton John has reportedly sold for $32.5 million.
  • Rose-Badge1

    Spreading LOVE For MJ In LA

    One Rose for MJJ 2014 - We have received the following message about Michael's fans' remembering Michael's fifth anniversary, at Holly Terrace, in Los Angeles.
  • xscape-deluxe

    Watch The ‘Xscape’ Documentary

    The Estate has uploaded a new version of the 'Xscape' documentary about the making-of the album, now including interviews with Michael’s original collaborators.
  • brett

    Brett Nichols On ‘The View’

    Brett Nichols, the Pitman High School student who has become an internet star thanks to his Michael Jackson impersonation will appear on “The View” on Thursday.
  • 2014-06-28-MJ-ONE_Shaquille-ONeal-588

    Shaquille Attends ‘ONE’

    Michael's friend Shaquille O'Neal, attended a performance of Michael Jackson 'ONE' this past weekend in Las Vegas & loved the show visiting the cast afterwards.
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    Visit To MJ Favela

    Here is an account of a visit to the Brazilian favela, by Fusion Soccer’s Mariana van Zeller, where Michael Jackson filmed 'They Don't Care About Us,' in 1966.
  • support-xscape

    Vote For ‘Xscape!’

    Hypetrak has just opened its mid-year poll for fans' favourite albums of 2014 so far! Here's your chance to vote for 'Xscape!' Let's move Michael up the chart!!
  • lnfsg-remix

    Michael’s Memorial Dance Party

    Michael Jackson was toasted at a music-filled memorial bash this week. DJ Cassidy spun Michael's classics and some of his newly released music, for five hours!!
  • clinark1

    Clinark MJ Tribute Song

    UK based singer Clinark Pre- Releases New Tribute Song 'All I Do Is Think of You,' and YouTube video to honour the passing of Michael Jackson on 25 June 2014.
  • last-photo-shoots

    Last Photo Shoots Documentary In Doubt

    Footage of Michael from 2007 has set off a lawsuit between the production company behind the documentary 'Michael: The Last Photo Shoots' and Michael's Estate.
  • little-mj

    Beyonce Remembers Michael

    On the fifth anniversary of his death, popstar Beyonce remembers Michael by putting a photo of him on her website and an article about him being her inspiration.
  • mj

    Message From Michael Jackson’s Estate

    On the 5th anniversary of Michael's passing, his Estate has released a statement remember his talent, humanitarianism and the inspiration he was for all of us.
  • year-by-year

    Michael Jackson Year By Year

    Metro have created a year by year visual record of Michael and his dance moves. What better way to celebrate Michael's life as we mark his fifth anniversary.
  • Dangerous-photo-correography

    Dance Tribute Honours Michael Jackson

    Mursal Ahmadi is a MJ fan, from the Netherlands. Michael is the reason she never gave up on her dreams & here is a dance tribute to Michael on his anniversary.

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Video of the moment - Earth Song – This Is It Rehearsals

Watch: Earth Song – This Is It Rehearsals

Here Michael performs ‘Earth Song’ during a rehearsal for the ‘This It It’ concerts. Recorded on 24th June 2009, it turns out to be his last ever performance.

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