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  • Dantonio

    ‘HIStory’ Show Touring Australia

    Celebrating the music, magic, and history, the Michael Jackson tribute show, 'HIStory,' is returning to Australia with a revamped production and Dantanio.
  • gloved-one

    The Final 5th Annual Gloved One Event

    Bronze and Gold Productions are hosting their 5th and final ‘The Gloved One’ event, paying tribute to Michael as we mark the 7th Anniversary of his passing.
  • theme-park

    The Never To Be MJ Theme Park

    In 1998 a proposal was submitted by Michael Jackson with multimillionaire Don Barden for a Michael Jackson themed casino, hotel and amusement park in Detroit.
  • money

    Billion-Dollar Tax Court Battle

    Michael's worth when he died is at the heart of a billion-dollar tax court battle as the IRS insists Michael's name and image were worth more than $434 million.
  • Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

    Michael Theme Park To Open In Shanghai?

    It has been announced that a new Michael Jackson theme park, based on the Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch and dedicated to him, could open in Shanghai, China.
  • scotty

    Update On Michael Fan – Scott Devlin

    On Wednesday, 30th March, we uploaded a story about Michael Jackson fan, Scott Devlin, who has been in hospital with cancer. Here is an update from his aunt.
  • david-gest-and-michael-jackson

    David Gest Dies

    Michael's long-term friend David Gest, who produced the 2001 'Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration' at Madison Square Garden has died in London aged 62.
  • mj_3129140b

    Steven Barron Talks About ‘Billie Jean’

    Steven Barron has spoken about how he made Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' video - “I just put the camera down at the end of that take and it was just…wow!”
  • Aaron Carter 2 (2)

    Aaron Carter Says He Keeps MJ Items In A Vault

    Aaron Carter has recently spoken to US Weekly Video about his close friendship with Michael Jackson, and how the King of Pop has "passed the torch" to him.
  • timbaland-mj(1)

    Timbaland Wins Lawsuit Over ‘Chicago’

    Timbaland has had all charges that he was facing regarding his work on Michael Jackson’s 'Chicago' track dismissed, according to reports by theJasmineBRAND.
  • scotty

    Special Request For A Sick MJ Fan

    Scott Devlin, is a devout Michael Jackson fan, that recently was diagnosed with cancer. Here is a special request to all MJ Fans from Scott's aunt in the USA.
  • _88990528_jackocake976

    Giant Michael Jackson Cake Wins Award

    A giant 7ft cake, which has been dedicated to Michael Jackson, has won a International Baking Award. The cake is made entirely of cereal, chocolate and icing.
  • neverland_ranch_a_l

    Why Hasn’t Neverland Ranch Sold?

    Almost a year ago, in May 2015, Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch hit the market and still hasn't sold. Here is an explanation by Bloomberg as to why.
  • mj-christmas-2015

    Judge Allows Ex-Manager To Amend Complaint

    A judge allows Tohme Tohme to amend his complaint against the estate where he says that he's owed a share of gross receipts and a finder's fee for a bank loan.
  • 635945074728885223-NAV-Band-Thriller-2

    Navy Band Performs ‘Thriller’ Dance

    The United States Navy Band went all out for its performance last summer at the Navy Memorial, doing an epic cover of Michael Jackson's iconic 1982 hit 'Thriller.'

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