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Billie Jean

  • Billie Jean – Bad Tour Performance

    Watch Michael light up the stage with this fantastic rendition of Billie Jean, performed during the Bad World Tour in 1988, along with his world famous moonwalk.

  • Michael Jackson – Style Icon

    In an article on Men’s fashion, ‘The Huffington Post’ names Michael Jackson as a style icon to be copied & he certainly had a style of his own on stage and off!

  • Michael Jackson Was A Hero

    In a Rolling Stone interview, Madonna spoke of her regard for Michael, his magic and his music. She also spoke very movingly of him, after he sadly passed away.

  • Michael’s ‘Moonwalk’ Birthday!

    Thirty years ago tonight, Michael Jackson moonwalked onstage, for the first time during ‘Billie Jean,’ at the Motown 25th TV Special and set the world on fire!

  • ‘Billie Jean’ Shadow Puppet

    Diet Wiegman made a shadow puppet of Michael from twisted metal and rubbish, placed it on a rotating platform, which finally settled on his ‘Billie Jean’ pose.

  • Billie Jean At Madison Square Garden

    To celebrate 30 years in show business, Michael performed two amazing nights at Madison Square Garden, New York in September 2011. Here’s Billie Jean from then.

  • Billie Jean – Motown 25

    Michael lit up the dance floor during his 1983 performance of Billie Jean at Motown 25. It was here that he performed his signatory move, the moonwalk, for the very first time.

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