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Continuing Michael’s Dream

Michael’s final tour concerts would have been absolutely magical, but they were not to be! Sony and AEG, while trying to recoup their investment costs, also had the idea that the rehearsal footage would make a wonderful documentary for Michael’s fans. The idea in the making has now been covered in an article by Time.

Only in Hollywood could the unfinished dream become celluloid reality, in part because only in Hollywood do they know how to sell it. “This is a testament not only to Jackson’s worldwide appeal and the outpouring of grief around his death but also to the marketing of this movie, which has been straight out of a business-school demo,” says Steven Gaydos, executive editor of Variety.

Setting a limit to two weeks exposure has created a deadline for fans, who realise that they must see it, and not just the fans, but many people who are curious about Michael’s life.

Kenny Ortega refused to have the film ready for Michael’s birthday on August 29th, but people all over the planet wanted to see what they were going to miss, but because of Michael’s demand for secrecy, they had no clue what would happen at the concerts, so, the rehearsal footage was edited down to an amazing film, which has thrilled the hearts of Michael’s fans worldwide.

To read the full article, dealing mostly with the business decisions around ‘This Is It’, please click here.

Source: Time & MJWN

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