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AEG Live Lawsuit

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Friday, 30th January 2015

AEG Lawsuit Appeal Denied

An appeals court has denied Michael's family its latest attempt to reverse a jury's decision that cleared concert promoter AEG Live of negligence in his death.
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Tuesday, 14th January 2014

New Jacksons v AEG Live Trial Denied

Judge Yvette Palazuelos, who presided over the Michael Jackson wrongful-death trial last year issued a final rejection of the Jacksons' request for a new trial.
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Monday, 6th January 2014

Judge’s Tentative Ruling

A judge has issued a tentative ruling against granting a new trial, in a case filed by Michael’s mother, claiming AEG Live was financially liable for his death.
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Friday, 13th December 2013

Jurors Stunned By Verdict Process

Four jurors in the Jackson versus AEG Live lawsuit for wrongful death, said they feel cheated by the outcome, which they blame on a misleading verdict form.
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Thursday, 5th December 2013

Katherine Jackson Seeking Retrial

Michael's mother Katherine is seeking a retrial against tour promoters AEG Live, who were found not liable over the pop icon's 2009 death, court documents show.
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Tuesday, 26th November 2013

Randy Phillips Out Of AEG Live!

Randy Phillips who was a witness in Katherine’s lawsuit against the company is no longer CEO at AEG Live. It’s not clear if he resigned, or if he was dismissed.
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Thursday, 14th November 2013

Katherine Jackson Appeals Ruling

Michael's mother Katherine Jackson has filed an appeal challenging the ruling in her wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live executives re: Murray’s competency.
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Saturday, 5th October 2013

Lawsuit Relied On Wording Of One Question

The lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson hinged on the jury's interpretation of one question on the verdict form, which asked if Murray was unfit, or incompetent.
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Saturday, 5th October 2013
Katherine Jackson

Katherine Disappointed By Verdict

Katherine’s lawyer Brian Panish, has spoken of her disappointment at the jury's verdict in her case against AEG Live, and insists the case will not end there!!!
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Thursday, 3rd October 2013

AEG Not Liable For Michael’s Death

The Los Angeles jury decided Wednesday, that AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray, but also concluded that the concert promoter was not liable for Michael's death!!
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Saturday, 28th September 2013
Michael Jackson

Jury Will Decide Damages If AEG Found Liable

As the jury deliberate, they will also have to decide if AEG Live has liability, and if so, what economic & personal damages should be payable, to the Jacksons.
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Friday, 27th September 2013

Jurors Begin Their Deliberations

Jurors began deliberations Thursday in the AEG trial potentially bringing the case to a close after five months of testimony and three days of closing arguments.
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Thursday, 26th September 2013

AEG Lawyer’s Closing Statements

On Wed September 25th Marvin Putnam made his closing arguments calling Michael’s death a tragedy, but he had played Russian Roulette by using Propofol to sleep.
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Wednesday, 25th September 2013

Plaintiff’s Closing Arguments

Katherine Jackson’s lawyer Brian Panish made his closing arguments to the jury on Tuesday September 24th, using video footage of Michael at home and performing.
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Tuesday, 24th September 2013

Closing Statements Begin In Court

Closing statements began in Court on Tuesday, 24th September. When both sides have presented their statements the jurors will retire to consider their verdict.
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Tuesday, 24th September 2013

Jurors Hear Legal Instructions

Jurors in the negligence lawsuit filed by Katherine against AEG Live, heard legal instructions Monday on the eve of final arguments in the 21-week civil trial.
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