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7th February


On this day – 7th February 1984

Michael, along with 1,500 invited guests, attends the New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History to receive awards from CBS and ‘The Guiness Book Of World Records’. To date, “Thriller” has sold over 25 million copies worldwide – more than any other album in recording history. Michael is presented with the first edition of the 1984 paperback version of ‘The Guiness Book Of World Records’, which he receives from Norris McWhirter, editor of the book.

For the first time ever, Bantam Books halt the presses between January 20 and 23 so that two new entries can be added to the book at the last minute announcing ‘Thriller’ as the largest-selling album of all time and the album with the most Top Ten singles (six).

Despite below freezing temperatures more than 1,000 fans wait patiently for a mere glimpse of Michael. The invitation itself was unique, printed on a single white cloth glove. Amongst the celebrities attending are Cyndi Lauper, Mary Tyler Moore, Carly Simon, Calvin Klein, Andy Warhol, Sean Lennon, Robin Williams and Gloria Gaynor.

Allen Davis, President of CBS Records International says:”Tonight Michael…your international milestones for the album ‘Thriller’ are a total of 67 Gold and 58 Platinum awards in 28 countries on six continents. And the singles, with 9 million sales have earned fifteen more awards, bringing the total to 140 Gold and Platinum awards.”

Michael told the invitation-only audience of how he felt about the epic $1.4 million party staged to salute him. Clutching the wireless microphone in his sequined-gloved right hand, he said:

“I’ve been performing for twenty years. I started at 5 years old touring with my brothers, The Jackson 5, and still I haven’t – you know, I feel like I’ve just begun, you know…

And I’ve always wanted to do great things and achieve many things, but for the first time in my entire career I feel like I’ve accomplished this, because I’m in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

I’m so honoured and deeply touched by it and thank you all. And I also thank CBS Records, which is the best record company in the world and Walter Yetnikoff, who is the best record company president in the world. And thank you all. You are all wonderful people. I’m very embarrassed but thank you.”

As modest Michael relinquished the mike, Yetnikoff grabbed it: “We have a little surprise,” he began. “I don’t know if I’m the best record company president in the world but Michael is sure the best artist in the world.” He continued: “Michael just got a presentation for the best solo performer of all times. I’m reading from The Guinness Book of Records. The best-selling album of all time is Saturday Night Fever with 25 million copies globally. I have news for you. Today, we surpassed 25 million copies for THRILLER! Michael Jackson – the number one artist in the world!” Yetnikoff shouted.

Michael’s date for the night is again Brooke Shields.

Watch a video of Michael on the night here:

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